Friday, 22 July 2011

Sometimes failure is what you want, than success

Failure teaches you more than what success can…

Giving a thought it is quite evident that failure can reach you more than what success can… just look around and you can find that the most successful people around are those who have face failures quite often than others.

No wonder the one sitting in the last bench gets the job, fist.  Either it is job or education, failure is indeed a stepping stone for success. (I don’t mind extending it to love too ;))

The curse of being successful:

I learnt that being successful in many things can also be a curse as it does not allow to find out what you are good at or what are you meant to do in life… coz the very reason you are able to do everything right

Success makes you to forget your passion and run towards more and more success... at the end it is nothing more than empty success that you are chasing for rather than satisfaction

Don’t fear  your failure rather embrace it for it gives you more than what success can.

Signing off,

Vamseedhar Soma
In search of a success and embracing the failure


  1. hard to believe that one of my friend has decided to put his thought through good start.