Thursday, 4 August 2011

Have you wished to have a Wish list…?

Have you wished to have a Wish list…?
Do you remember, where we were small we always had a list of things as our dream list. That can be as silly as distributing chocolates to teachers during birthday or clearing those term exams. For few of the superior souls around us, it is about scoring high marks or being a sports captain etc.
One thing was quite evident that whatever we dreamt we were able to invariably achieve it by one way or the other. We had that capability/ smartness/ naughtiness to get what we wanted.
What happen to us now? While few of us continue to chase our dreams, the rest of us either give up or even forget that we can dream, why is this transition? Why is this change? Whom to be blamed?
I guess it is our so called maturity, some where we are terrified of not achieving what we want that we don’t even try. Forget about trying, we don’t even wish and then lead an ordinary life.
Well… keeping the long story short, want to make your life exciting, interesting? Want to add spice into your life? Want to live a hatke (hindi version of differentJ) life?
Solution is very simple. Create a wish list, list down the list of things that you want to do in life before somebody above rings the long bell.
Now doesn’t it sound like fun (let me know if it doesn’t) you have to list down things and the rest of your life will revolve around the things that you want…
Adieus for now…

Vamseedhar Soma
For me WIP is Wish-list in progress…